Am 17. November 2018 fand am St. Peters College in Oxford eine Gedenkfeier für den am 16. April 2018 verstorbenen Gustav Born statt.

Ein noch von ihm geplantes musikalisches Programm sorgte für den feierlichen Rahmen und viele honorige Gäste gedachten ihm und seiner wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten.

Herr Dr. Schultes-Bannert, Herr Dr. Reinhold Hülsewiesche und Frau Holl nahmen für das Max-Born-Berufskolleg und für die Stiftung an der Veranstaltung teil. Herr Dr. Schultes-Bannert erinnerte in einer kurzen Rede an Gustav Born:

Service for Gustav Oxford 17th of November 2018 KURZFASSUNG

“Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Born Family,

I deliver to you the greetings, and expressions of our deepest sympathy for Gustav Born as representative of the Max Born College and the Max and Gustav Born Foundation in Recklinghausen, Germany.

The Max-Born-Berufskolleg is a vocational college and a technical academy focusing on the fields of art and design, building construction and woodwork, electrical engineering and electronics, as well as mechanical, refrigeration engineering and medicine technologies. In one branch of the college students are training to become state certified engineers, equivalent to the Bachelor degree.

The number of students is about 3,100 and there are 150 lecturers and teachers.

The aim of the foundation, which bears the names of Max and Gustav, is the support of projects which serve the purpose of preparing our students for their studies at the university or their working life in a company. The foundation also supports new concepts and developments in education, science and technology and their application.

 Gustav Born said in 2005 in order to stress the importance of the foundation: ‘The speed of scientific and technological advances makes it desperately clear that we are not discarding the doctrinal shackles of history fast enough in order to survive.’

 We honoured Gustav and Max by producing and issuing two handmade clocks with small portraits of Gustav and Max Born on the dial of the clock.  The Max Born College is a place for the nationwide training of watchmakers. So I wear a memory of Gus every day.

We are so happy having edited the “Reminescences of Gustav Born” in German language. So that in February 2017 Dr. Reinhold Hülsewiesche, Simone Holl and me, Lorenz, could deliver to him the printed editions. We will always remember Gustav as a cheerful and competent member of our Max and Gustav Born Foundation Recklinghausen. He always came up with magnificent ideas and showed a great open-mindedness against our students. We will miss his energy and vision.

He was a great person with charisma. He will stay in our heart forever and we will perpetuate his memory. We wish all of you all the best and health.”